A steady clip for digitally recording, controlling and archiving DURABLE VISIOCLIP wall mount for tablets

Iserlohn, 16.03.2022 Nowadays, many processes are carried out digitally on site; for example, controlling and monitoring machines, recording data and collecting files or managing access. But where should the tablets used in these scenarios be placed so that they are protected, visible and easy to operate? DURABLE has the solution! It’s clever, affordable and can be quickly installed wherever you need it.  The new VISIOCLIP wall mount consists of two clips that can be stuck or screwed onto smooth surfaces to hold all standard size tablets. The clips can hold up to 1 kg.
VISIOCLIP is a high-quality, Made in Germany product. It is available now from specialist retailers as well as online at durable.eu. RRP: €14.90.


Clip and done

There are many advantages to wall mount clips. They can be installed immediately and can be attached to all smooth surfaces. The DURABLE clips can be glued to the surface and removed when necessary without leaving any residue. Alternatively they can be screwed into the wall; a drilling template is included. Two clips are sufficient for reliably attaching all standard tablets and smartphones up to 10 mm thick.
As soon as the two clips are attached, a tablet can be clicked into the wall mount and removed again.

Extra tip: The wall mount can also be used as a charging station for smart devices. Simply position the clips near a power outlet, place the device in the wall mount and plug it in.

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